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If you’re a foodie, you’ll love eating in New Orleans. And if you like seafood, you’re in for a treat! New Orleans has some of the best food I have ever had especially the seafood dishes. ? Don’t worry, if you don’t like seafood, there are plenty of options for you. The food in New Orleans is so flavorful. Here are some of our favorite restaurants!

Red’s Chinese

My favorite restaurant in New Orleans is Red’s Chinese. It’s a “hole in the wall” kind of restaurant. They don’t have a huge or obvious sign so the restaurant can easily be missed. It’s on an open and main street below a grocery store. The prices are decent and the service is fantastic.

My favorite dish by far is the crawfish rangoons from Red’s Chinese. I’ve had dozens of variations on rangoons, most of which are filled with crab. These crawfish ones are so savory and delicious OMG! The choice of using crawfish instead of crab is what sets these apart, since crawfish so much more tender. They are perfectly crispy and filled with a generous amount of crawfish and cream cheese. Plus the sauce is adds that perfect sweet and tangy flavor.

My boyfriend is obsessed with the pork buns from there. According to him, they are made perfectly. He says that the pork buns he’s had in the past lacked flavor or didn’t taste fresh. But he loved the ones from there so much that on our trip to New Orleans he ordered them for delivery on the night before we left (and I of course ordered the crawfish rangoons). ? We had to eat from there again before we left!

Café Du Monde

The one spot you HAVE to visit when you travel to New Orleans is the famous Café Du Monde. I’m not big on fried dough dishes, but I know that most people love fried dough including doughnuts, churros, funnel cakes, “elephant ears,” and of course beignets. Well when you go to Café Du Monde, you HAVE to order the beignets. The regular order includes 3 fresh beignets tossed in a ton of powered sugar in a white paper bag.

I will say that the beignets from here are by far the best of the fried dough food variety. They’re so perfectly crisp and fluffy! And if you like coffee, opt for a cup of coffee as well. In fellow Foodie Fat Girl Victoria’s words “what you gotta do is dunk the beignet in the coffee then take a bite.” She says it’s perfection. The best part of Café Du Monde, besides the beignets, is the fact that they are open 24 hours (not many places in Nola are) so they make for the perfect late night spot after partying.

Pro tip: if you want to go to Café Du Monde and you want to avoid long lines, do not go in the morning nor afternoon. The line there for most of the day reaches the end of the block. If there’s a line you can walk straight in and see if you find a table. If not, you’ll have to wait in line or come back later. When we visited New Orleans we only went to Café Du Monde in the afternoon and evening (we went three times during our trip!).

St Roch Market

Another one of my favorite places to eat in New Orleans is the St Roch Market. It’s a building that houses a variety of restaurant counters. This is a perfect place to visit with picky friends because everyone can choose which restaurant they want to order from and afterward you can all sit together at a table to eat.

Beware though, if you go on a Saturday or Sunday it will be packed with people. Parking will be hard to find, lines will be long, and finding a table will be challenging. Try to go on a weekday or be prepared to spend a good hour and half or two hours there on a weekend.

Also, the prices for some of the food there is a bit steep. My boyfriend ordered some FIRE empanadas that were priced between $7-12. Yes, the prices were outrageous, but they were the best baked empanadas we’ve ever had!!! They were flaky instead of the usual doughiness and the fillings were more on the gourmet side.

Overall, the market is fantastic. If you’re on a budget then look around for the best option for you, there are plenty to choose from at the St Roch Market. I also ordered a delicious (standard priced) Oreo cupcake from Bittersweet Confections. 😀

Acme Oyster House

One food you’re sure to see everywhere in New Orleans is oysters. They can be prepared several different ways, but a specialty dish is the chargrilled oysters. When we visited New Orleans we debated between trying them there or somewhere else but we opted for ACME Oysters. This restaurant is quite delicious. There was a line to get into the place – we waited about 20 minutes. But once you’re in, the service is pretty quick. I tried an oyster shooter for the first (and last) time because why not?! I love trying new things because you never know when you’re going to try something you’ll love!

We ordered the chargrilled oysters for an appetizer which was amazing! – And it comes with bread, perfect for dipping in the garlicky oil.  For my entrée, I ordered the half catfish po-boy half beans and rice.  I love po-boys so I new I HAD to try them in New Orleans. I definitely recommend this place!

Crescent City Pizza Works

After a night of partying in the French Quarter, Crescent City Pizza Works comes in handy to satisfy your hunger. When I visited New Orleans in February, I ordered a slice of cheese pizza and a Blue Moon and it was perfection. <3 This is a grab and go joint with minimal seating. It has a long bar/counter set up on the left with some stools for dining in.


My BFF suggested we do a fancy brunch for my birthday in New Orleans. We ate at Broussard’s which has $12 bottomless mimosas and rosé for brunch – AMAZING! While this restaurant is more on the pricey side, the food and the service was superb. We had a table next to a window which led to a gorgeous outdoor patio. There was a jazz band going around and playing music at each table – the whole brunch was lovely! At the end, they gave us to-go cups and topped us off before we left. The locals love their alcohol haha!

Have you visited New Orleans? What are your favorite spots? Are you from New Orleans? Do you have any recommendations? Tell us… We want to know!

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