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New York has the best food by far! I have never had better food than the food in New York. I’ve been told that the reason for the tasty food is the water and I totally believe it. Here are our favorite restaurants in New York.

Artichoke Pizza

You will find pizza on almost every corner in New York, and chances are it will be delicious. One of my favorite pizza places in New York is Artichoke. The pizza is a bit thick but the crust is surprisingly crispy. My friend and I ordered a margherita slice and a slice of their signature artichoke pizza with white sauce. While both are delicious, our favorite is the margherita. And the slices are pretty big too.

Margherita Slice

Artichoke Slice

Times Square Diner

When my friend Sammy and I visited New York for the first time we were so excited to see Times Square. On the first day of our trip, we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and walked out to explore the city. As we rounded the corner of the street by our hotel, a strong delicious scent filled the air. We wondered where it was coming from and we discovered it was coming from the Times Square Diner (not in Times Square haha!). We kept walking and we went about our day. In the evening, it became rather chilly and we started walking back towards the hotel. We passed the diner again and the same amazing scent overcame our senses so decided we would have dinner there.

The diner has super cute retro decor and includes a bar. Soon after we sat down at a table we were greeted by our server. We asked her what smelled so good and she informed us that it was the homemade French onion soup. She took our drink order and we each asked for a cup of the soup. When she came back we ordered our entrées.

I’m not a big fan of French onion soup but WOW that soup was superb. It had so much flavor and a yummy blanket of melted cheese on top. I also had the most perfect Old Fashioned cocktail ever! The bartender there knows what he’s doing. The food and drinks were so good that Sammy and I returned for lunch the next day. Overall, I recommend the Times Square Diner. I would stick to their signature dishes. What we loved: French onion soup, Old Fashioned, mozzarella sticks, BLT, cappuccino, and hot chocolate.

French Onion Soup

Old Fashioned



While visiting New York, I found this place via Yelp and I figured I’d give it a try after looking at the photos. Wow I was so impressed with the food. All the food was came out pretty quickly and was very fresh. My boyfriend and I ordered catfish tacos, tater tots, a burger, and 2 Mexican cokes. The catfish tacos and tater tots were delicious! The catfish pieces were perfectly fried and crispy and the sauce was so tasty. Also, the employees were very kind and helpful.

This restaurant is better for smaller parties. My boyfriend and I had trouble finding seating but luckily a group left as we finished ordering our food. I would say that it’s better to order take out if you’re staying nearby – in our case we had a long way back to our hotel. I highly recommend Breakroom for lunch or dinner. I can’t wait to go to New York to eat there again! <3

Crispy Catfish Tacos and Tater Tots

Boro Hotel

Although this isn’t a restaurant per se, the Boro Hotel does have a small restaurant/dining area. My boyfriend and I stayed there on our last trip to New York and it was so lovely. We plan on staying there again on our next trip. On our second day of the trip, we ordered room service for breakfast and it was delicious! We ordered the avocado toast, ham and cheese melt, berry smoothie, grapefruit juice and oats bowl. Everything we ordered was absolutely wonderful! The farro oats bowl is a must have! It kept me full and kept my energy up throughout the day. The food from room service was a bit pricey but it wasn’t outrageous. We have paid more at other hotels for food that was nowhere near as good as the Boro Hotel’s. We didn’t get to try their pizza which is supposed to be amazing. We caught a light scent of the pizza near the elevators after we checked-in and it smelled delicious! We will definitely try their pizza next time.

Avocado Toast, Ham and Cheese Melt, Berry Smoothie, Grapefruit Juice and Oats Bowl


On my last trip to New York I was craving some poke and after some researching on Yelp, I discovered PokéWave. My boyfriend and I went in during the evening and there weren’t many patrons in there. I quickly checked off my order details on the order sheet and handed it to the employee. I ordered the bowl to go and I ate it at the hotel. Wow wow wow! The Big Island poké is so flavorful. Although the photo isn’t great, I can assure you that it was delicious. I will definitely eat there again on my next trip to New York.

Big Island Poké

Jin Ramen

On my first trip to New York, I was on the hunt for some good ramen. After checking out Yelp reviews, I decided on Jin Ramen. My friend Sammy and I quickly fell for the place. It has a quaint atmosphere and the ramen is very flavorful. You can customize it to your liking and it comes in a huge bowl with a generous amount of food.


Tofu Ramen

Have you visited New York? What are your favorite spots? Are you a local? Do you have any recommendations? Tell us… We want to know!

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