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I’ve visited several ramen restaurants in Miami, FL and by far none of them compare to 107 Coffee and Dessert. What makes ramen good is the broth. Sure the other ingredients matter like the ramen noodles of course, and the protein and other extras, but the broth can easily make the dish a hit or miss. Well if you like spicy, you’ll find the best spicy ramen in 107 Coffee and Dessert.

The Place

The restaurant is a quaint place inside of a shopping center/strip mall across from Florida International University in Tamiami. My first time visiting the restaurant was when they first opened and there were a few hiccups with service – mostly with the wait time. But they’ve improved their service greatly and their ramen continues to overwhelm my taste buds. One thing they could improve on is the fact that their hand written menu on the wall doesn’t have descriptions. So patrons have to ask the host about the ingredients.

The Food

While I haven’t tried many entrées at 107 Coffee and Dessert, I can totally vouch for their spicy ramen. It comes in a huge bowl and includes a generous amount of the spicy tangy broth, perfectly tender ramen noodles, your choice of protein (I get the tofu), kimchi (pickled cabbage), baby spinach, bean sprouts, an egg, and seaweed. My friends have ordered the spicy ramen with chicken and they love it just as much. Most people don’t finish the broth because it comes with a lot, but I can’t help myself – I sip that liquidy goodness down to the last drop.

What I Order

For over a year, I’ve ordered the spicy ramen from 107 Coffee and Dessert at least once a month (when I worked near there, I ordered around 3-4 times a month!). I love this restaurant so much. Every once in a while I’ll try something else from the menu, but I tend to stick to what I love – why fix what’s not broken?! I sometimes order their steamed vegan dumplings/gyoza – they’re delicious! They have a pork option too.

Also, if you’re interested in ordering delivery from 107 Coffee and Dessert, it’s just as delicious, They separate the ramen noodles from everything else so that the noodles remain tender upon serving and eating. 🙂 If it’s your first time ordering with Uber Eats, use code eats-vkp19 for $5 off your order!

What’s your favorite ramen spot in Miami? Have you been to 107 Coffee and Dessert? What’s your favorite dish there? Tell us… We want to know!

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